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What Now? Jennifer Redmon. Update July 9, p. Read more here. Anyone can download the source code. For free. DeepNude effectively follows the same process. All this begs the question- how should we respond? Can we prevent victimization by algorithms like these? If so, how?
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Last week, The New Paper of Singapore revealed the story of Rose, a year-old woman who found a picture she had taken months before — wearing clothes, of course — in a sex forum. In the new image, Rose is naked. She is just one of dozens who may find themselves in the same situation in the country and around the world. This is the result of an app that allows users to replace clothes with naked flesh. And despite the shutdown of the app, the code is still available on a popular code hosting site. If you test it with a photo showing a guy you would get a man with girls parts, too. When Deepnude hit the market, offering a free version and a premium one, many tech websites — not only in English, and not only in the United States — started criticizing the anonymous developers for what they considered to be a bad use of artificial intelligence. So it sounded offensive and, for some people, even illegal. Deepnude only survived for about four days. Girls should generally stop posting pictures of themselves online at this point.
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What Now? Jennifer Redmon. Update July 9, p. Read more here. Anyone can download the source code. For free. DeepNude effectively follows the same process. All this begs the question- how should we respond? Can we prevent victimization by algorithms like these? If so, how? What role does Corporate Responsibility play? Should GitHub, or Microsoft its parent company , be held accountable for taking down the DeepNude source code and implementing controls to prevent it from reappearing until victimization can be prevented?

Should our response be social? Is it even possible for us teach every person on the planet including curious adolescents whose brains are still maturing and may be tempted to use DeepNude indiscriminately that consent must be asked for and given freely? Should we respond legislatively? The state of Virginia thinks so. Just this month, it passed an amendment expanding its ban on nonconsensual pornography to include deepfakes.

If it becomes illegal to have or use the algorithm in one country and not another, should the code be subject to smuggling laws? Given that an AI spurred this ethical debate, what about a technological response? Should DeepNude and other AIs be expected or required to implement something like facial recognition-based consent by the person whose image will be altered?

What do you think? How should we protect potential victims? And who is responsible for doing so? Join the conversation and leave your thoughts below! Sorry, but I think it's hilarious to see articles like this with people so outraged over a fake photo!

Do it to men too, we don't care, lol. As is usual for the modern leftist, their answer is to "Ban all the things! You simply can't stop it and only a control freak would even try. It is no surprise whatsoever that one of AIs first uses is for porn. The same was true for the first photo and video cameras. People have been making fake sex pics since before computers, by clipping out heads from photos and pasting them on nude bodies.

You literally want to stop a natural progression of something that has been around for MANY decades! But just try to ban it, you'll only make it more popular. Alcohol Prohibition anyone? How is that Drug War going? You people never learn, do you? Do you consent to be filmed and listened to on a daily basis by your government? Good luck enforcing that consent, lol. Some would say that you need a European view of nudity, but I deeply disagree. It's perfectly fine to be offended and modest, but it's no where near fine to control the actions of others, or to demand that they live by your puritanical standards.

Anyone else notice how the left has turned into a bunch of prudes who want to ban everything? Funny that. No response is needed, there are no moral hazards and the only "victims" are people who make themselves a victim by being bothered by what other people do with readily available content. But since criticism is derogatory, I expect this will be censored too. Felony action for a fake photo? What if someone cuts out a photo of your face and glues into a magazine? What if I drew a stick figure without clothes, and then wrote your name above it?

Is that a felony? As it becomes more prominent, the general public will just assume all nudes are fake. I was completely set aghast when I first heard about this. While I for one would never put nude images of myself online, knowing that someone could take any public image of me in a bikini and I'm sure fully clothed as the algorithm "improved" is a scary thought. Not only could it ruin one's career most corporations have an image to uphold — including current and future employees , I certainly don't want someone imagining what I look like naked … Let alone have a potentially accurate image!

As to corporate responsibility — we already know this was part of that. Because it violated Github's usage "laws" which is why it was taken down. Will it be put up again? But for now, we celebrate the wins. Is the response social? You bet! The biggest changes happen because of the loudest and most repetitive advocates. Should our response be legislative? We already have laws in place that are in alignment with this being against the law.

But as we have seen throughout time, as technology and the human race has progressed, we must amend laws to be able to apply to the times. America's forefathers had no understanding of today's weapons, but wrote the Constitution in such a way as to cover the future they could see. But political pundits, angry citizens, and lobbyists not to mention horrific events have caused nations to review and even redefine said laws.

It would be wonderful if everyone adhered to "consent culture" — but I don't see this happening any time soon. We would have a lot less people getting hurt and jailed, for sure. And technology like DeepNude wouldn't exist. If you gave your consent for someone to use your photo in whatever way they saw fit, then you gave them the right to do so. I also disagree that putting fake nudes on the internet makes real ones "valueless" — because those who are seeking nudes will find what they like regardless.

Real or not. Or they'll make their own from the content they do find. As to charging teenage boys with a felony for "curing sexual curiosity"?

No no … That's not how this works. Once again — consent always plays a part. This kind of thinking is how judges allow rapists to have little to no consequence after violating another person's bodily autonomy. If these "teenage boys" want to "cure their sexual curiosity", there are other ways to do so without violating someone else. As to "the only 'victims' are people who make themselves a victim by being bothered by what other people do"?

This illogical statement opens the doors to someone breaking into your home and stealing your prized possessions … Or even murder because hey — you're not alive to complain. So this "argument" is moot. And regarding "European view of nudity" — while they have nude beaches, that is not the same as what is happening here. And finally — to "it's no where near fine to control the actions of others"?

You have mentioned several times something akin to this. But if we followed your logic, there would be no laws. Kassandra, I love how people like you will use selective quoting and no critical thinking to suit your narrative. People like me are so used to it, that we outright expect it. You conveniently left out "…with readily available content. That allows you to make the ridiculous connection to murder, which is also something I've come to expect.

Being bothered by fakes, is like being bothered with you becoming a Meme on the internet for doing something that people find funny. You might find it embarrassing and disrespectful, but in no way should it be criminal.

According to people like you, Memes should be illegal without consent. Posting screenshots of any private conversation, no matter how "vile" they might be to you, should be illegal. Posting videos on youtube of people doing hilarious things in public, without their consent, would be illegal. The Wayback Machine would be illegal, since it archives things without consent.

In fact, you quoting me would be illegal, because I didn't give consent! The consent argument is completely absurd. The reality is, your consent ends once you consent to putting the information into the public sphere. So yes, you in fact create your own victimhood by not recognizing this simple, well known fact. I've known it as far back as the mid 90s, when first getting on the internet!

Which is why seeing people be so outraged about it now, is hilarious.

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