Gymnastics wardrobe fail

Sporting events are intense, competitive affairs that offer sparse moments of humor while they are played, which is why nothing is as funny during a game as a wardrobe malfunction. It doesn't matter what the malfunction might be—misspellings, pants dropping, jerseys tearing—it is wildly entertaining, mostly because it is wildly unexpected. And so, in honor of some of the most dishonorable uniform gaffes in sports, we present the 25 worst wardrobe malfunctions in sports. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. And if you are Eugenio Velez, make sure they spelled San Francisco correctly on your jersey. In news I am making up, the headline the next day in the local paper read, "What was Joe Carter's wardrobe malfunction all aboot? After ripping his suit , Berens ended up qualifying for the final of the world swimming championships in Rome. In January of this year, Mustafa Shakur was called up from the D-League to the Wizards, though his debut was unexpected, to say the least. From Ball Don't Lie :. His number, and last name, were stitched on at the last second by a Wizards employee.
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After winning the bronze medal in the 3,meter speed skating event at the Sochi Olympics, Graf, failing to realize that she was going commando, unzipped her suit all the way down to her stomach. I think the judge's reaction in the corner says it all!
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Every four years, the Summer Olympics rolls around, and the world tunes into to cheer on their country!
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Shawn Machel Johnson is one of the most be-medaled gymnasts of the United States.
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50 Classic Female Athlete Wardrobe Malfunctions

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Every four years, the Summer Olympics rolls around, and the world tunes into to cheer on their country! In the 28 sports and events that make up the pinnacle of athletic competition, arguably the most popular is gymnastics. These athletes fly through the air, flipping, spinning, and sometimes falling, captivating viewers across the globe. While the men have had their fair share of fame, the biggest moments in gymnastics have been accomplished by women. Nadia Comaneci achieved the first ever "Perfect 10" on the balance beam in Montreal.

Mary Lou Retton strung together a mind-blowing all-around victory in Los Angeles. Who could forget Kerri Strug? In , newcomer Simone Biles won hearts across America with her high-flying dominance, and all-around domination! With all of the memorable moments though, there are also some embarrassing ones. Whether it's a badly-timed facial expression, or just an unfortunate fall, many of these gymnasts are subject to some humiliating photographs. These are the NOT "Perfect 10" moments that don't always make national headlines.

Chalk up for 15 of the most embarrassing pictures of female gymnasts. In this photo, you can see "Peanut's" 'Oh, no! While the photo itself is pretty embarrassing, the keyboard warriors of the world decided to troll the gymnast. A hoax circled around the web that Johnson's leotard ripped in this picture, with images of her netherregions censored. Shame on you internet, portraying America's sweetheart like that!

But, Great Britain's squad has been on the rise recently, and has been looking to make it's way to the podium. Unfortunately for the team, superstar tumbler, Ellie Downing, took a nasty fall in qualifying for Rio. She was in the middle of her floor routine, and over-rotated on one of her jumps, bouncing neck first into the mat.

Even though Downie's injury would have kept most gymnasts out for the duration of the games, the English warrior toughed it out, and finished off two vaults. She came in 13th in the all-around competition, and Team Britain came in 5th in the overall. Despite her heroic comeback, Downie's neck-first fall still makes our list of embarrassing gymnast pictures! Not all the gymnastics competitions in the Olympics focus on the core events. Take the trampoline for example. Back in the Games in Sydney, the IOC introduced the high-flying sport in the gymnastics competition.

This is not your typical backyard bounce! These athletes put together a string of quadruple flips and spins that give audiences motion sickness just from watching! With all those gravity defying moves, you've got to imagine that these ladies are using every ounce of their energy to complete their tumbles.

That's when the "trampoline face" comes into play. As you can see from the photo, American trampolinist, Sarah Vinsant, strikes an awkward pose whilst performing her aerial stunts. Another less popular aspect of Olympic gymnastics is the Rhythmic Competition. While artistic gymnastics focuses on jaw-dropping aerials, rhythmic gymnastics spotlights the flowing beauty and choreography of these contorting athletes.

An event since , these ladies use props such as ribbons, hoops, batons and balls to highlight their balance and beauty. Rhythmic gymnastics is to artistic gymnastics as ice dancing is to figure skating: they are both fascinating in their own ways. Although these women aren't launching themselves into the air, there is still no shortage of embarrassing moments in the event. Take Russian competitor, Yevgenia Kanayeva, for example. She is a two-time all-around Olympic champion, and is known for her technically difficult routines.

With that level of dominance and expertise, comes popularity in the media. This cameraman caught Kanayeva uncomfortably contorting her body with a face that says "What the hell am I doing? Team Russia, in the gymnastics arena. Queue the Games in London. During the team competition, both powerhouse countries were vying for a spot atop of the podium, and the competition was deadlocked. But, nobody in America saw her fail!

Due to the time delay of the broadcast, NBC edited out the Russian fall, trying to create more drama for the viewers. Critics and analysts were extremely upset, since instead of showing the true events of the contest, they just used the tape-delay to create suspense. While Afanasyeva's fall is truly embarrassing, it's even more shameful that NBC drew out the event increase viewership.

With the recent announcement that North Korea would be sending athletes to Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympis, we want to shed some light on another North Korean athlete, Hong Su-Jong. While it's short of miracle that the PRK would even let this gymnast out of the country, Su-Jong exceeded expectations, medaling in the vault and uneven bars during the Asian Games back in While she failed to qualify for the finals in the Athens Olympics, most sports junkies on the internet recognize her from this embarrassing photo on the uneven bars.

If you look further into her life though, you'll see that her legacy comes with some scandal. Back in , an age dispute erupted, and officials couldn't determine if Su-Jong was born in or Would we expect anything less from North Korea? These ladies run at full speed, bounce on a board, push off the vaulting horse, then launch themselves into the air, contorting their bodies, in hopes of sticking the perfect landing. The combination of speed, technique, and balance, leads to moments of greatness, but can also lead to embarrassing photos, like this one of Indian gymnast, Dipa Karmakar.

In Rio, Karmarkar shocked the world with her "Prudonova" vault, which is one of the most high-risk, difficult moves in the sport. Unfortunately during the landing, she landed on her backside, which led her to an eighth-place finish in the finals. While you can't tell from a video of the event, the judges docked her for the mishap. If you didn't know any better, you would think that Karmakar was channeling her inner Super Saiyan! While many people will say it's fake, this picture is indeed genuine.

The unnamed Chinese gymnast appears to be showcasing her skills on the Balance Beam. As she jumped into the air into a split, she threw her head back to demonstrate her flexibility, and a photographer happened to snap her at exactly the right moment. I couldn't believe it at first either, since the picture truly looks altered, but we know it's real, and it's hilarious! These headless photos aren't a rarity either. Sports even has a massive gallery of headless gymnasts from the Beijing Games. Beware of going down this rabbit hole though, you may be in over your head!

Do you know that feeling right before something bad is about to happen, and you can't do anything about it? Well, that was the facial expression of British gymnast, Ruby Harrold, on the uneven bars in Rio. You may not think that a professional gymnast would have such a worried look in the heat of competition, but Harrold had taken a hard fall during the European Championships just a few months prior.

Fortunately for the youngster, her look of concern did not translate to failure, and she helped lead her fellow countrywomen to a fifth-place finish in the team competition. After the Games, Harrold called it quits in the gymnastic world, retiring at only years-old to pursue an education at LSU. Although the spotlight now shines elsewhere, we can always remember her for that moment of unease during the Games in Rio!

The blonde beauty was destined for greatness at a young age, as her parents were are both Soviet gold medalist gymnasts. She made her Olympic debut in Beijing in , helping the Americans to a silver in the team competition, but winning gold in the individual all-around event. It was an embarrassing moment for the former champion, as she lay face down on the mat in disbelief. This would be Liukin's final moment in the spotlight of competition, a disastrous finish to an otherwise storied career.

It's amazing how much poise and discipline these gymnasts exude, and there is no better better event that exemplifies these qualities than the balance beam. Spinning, flipping, and twirling their way to a perfect score, performing on the four-inch wide beam is the ultimate test of concentration and athleticism. But, as you can see from the photo, it also leads to some horrifying fails! While Australian Gymnast, Olivia Vivian, helped lead her team to a sixth-place finish in Beijing, she will go down in history for this embarrassing photo from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Fortunately for the Aussie, she maintained her composure, and finished fifth in a field of thirteen. Most of these embarrassing photos of female gymnasts are ridiculous facial expressions, or an untimely fall, but that's not the case with this entry. Colombian gymnast, Jessica Gil Ortiz, was participating in the floor routine in the World Championships, but had a severe fall in one of her tumbling runs. After attempting a front handspring to a double front flip, Gil Ortiz landed on her head, bouncing of the floor and injuring her neck.

I think the judge's reaction in the corner says it all! After being taken out of the arena in a stretcher, one of the officials stated "she was being taken to hospital but the initial prognosis is that the injury was not too serious. A scary moment indeed, but at least everything turned out alright! Not all of these shameful moments come from the heat of competition. In , after coming in second in the vault finals in London, American Olympic gymnast, McKayla Maroney, stood on the podium, looking truly displeased with the result of the competition.

Her expression of annoyance soon took over the internet as the viral meme "McKayla is not impressed. Nowadays, Maroney is retired from gymnastics, but is still a staple in the tabloids with her racy Instagram posts.

While she will always be remembered as a member of the "Fierce Five" in at the Olympics, McKayla is more widely-known for being a viral internet sensation. One of the most decorated American gymnasts of all-time, Gabby Douglas, has also had her fair share of embarrassment. Despite bringing home gold medals in the team and all-around competitions in London, Douglas failed in the balance beam finals. After performing a "simple" split-jump with a twist in the middle of the beam, Gabby slipped, and was left clutching to the bar, literally hanging in the balance.

She dropped to seventh out of eight competitors, allowing China to grab the top two spots in the event. Gabby redeemed herself in the Games in Rio, performing well on the uneven bars, helping to lead USA to yet another team gold.

Luckily for Douglas, most viewers will remember her unbelievable run to the individual all-around gold back in , and not the embarrassing mishap on the unforgiving balance beam. Twisting, flipping, spinning, and contorting your body in the air is no easy task.

It takes every ounce of energy to achieve maximal rotation.

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