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Fan Creation Gameplay Memes News. All SmashGG Tournaments. How to play Yumiko? I've been playing Yumiko pretty non-stop whenever I play Brawlhalla for the last 3 days or so, and I'm around level 10 with her. Usually when I reach this point with other characters, I have a firm grasp of their playstyle and how to use their weapons. With other characters, I have no problem using the bow or hammer, but with Yumiko, it just feels Could someone give me tips on how to play her, or stuff like what stance to use? This is the most I've ever struggled to understand a character in this game. Well i main yumiko and i find her kit very good. You can dsig to edge guard, side sig on hammer is usually good when you know your opponent.
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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Brawlhalla Store Page. It is only visible to you. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. This item is incompatible with Brawlhalla.

Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Brawlhalla. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator.

This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Yumiko is an extremely nimble and probably one of the most mobile characters that was recently released. She has some ridiculous interactions with signatures, and a new kind of signature: Minelaying signatures.

However, this is not one of those "If you step on them, say goodbye to your legs" mines. If you step on the outermost mine, you'll immediately get pushed to the next one, and in the end, you'll be launched upwards without a lot of force. It still is an excellent zoning tool to use against your opponent. Yumiko is typically played as a character that takes control of the board, and wants to keep it that way by keeping her opponents far away as possible.

In this guide, we'll talk about how to use her weapons correctly, explanations of her signatures, how to combat her efficiently, and a couple of combos, to get you started, or to advance further, if you got the hang of this hyper-versatile legend.

This item has been added to your Favorites. Created by. Yuuka Online. Guide Index. Basic information. Grapple Hammer usage. Bow usage. Hammer Signatures. Bow Signatures. Some characters to watch out for. Simple Combos. End of the guide. Yumiko is like most characters with a bow Azoth, Ember, Diana a legend who seeks to take control over the board, to keep the battle at her favor. She has some great combo potential, and most of her signatures aren't very situational.

With that said, she can use her signatures, to try and cover ground, get out of a ledge, and damage an unwary opponent, however, her key ability is to keep her opponent zoned at all costs.

Zoning is where you keep your opponent on the edge, or to give your adversary as little space to move, by giving every step closer a more dangerous threat. If they come too close, you can punish the opponent easily. If you're not familiar with zoning-based characters, and you're more of a relentless combatant, then I wouldn't recommend this legend for you, because she focuses well on the defensive, with a side of offense, making her a tactical character.

Pros: Quick, nimble and evasive are the keywords that you'll often use when it comes to fighting with Yumiko. She has multiple dashes with her bow, but that doesn't stop there. She can zone you out with minelaying tactics. Her hammer can also provide some good area capabilities, especially her side signature.

Her down signature is another minelaying trick, but mostly derived of keeping your opponent from ground-slamming you. If you want a character that can keep your opponent at bay, this is the one you would go to. Cons: Although I said a ton of great things about Yumiko, it's impossible to create a legend that can beat everyone. Legends that are extraordinarily fast, and can dodge an opponent easily, would find fighting Yumiko child's play. Those characters that move with blinding speed are made for closing gaps, and then to attack quickly.

Even though katars haven't seen much use because of how tough it is to use, now would be a good time to study how to use them again, for hammers find it troubling to deal with katars, because katars can outrange a hammer.

However, this weapon is greatly used for defensive purposes, and you'll just end up meeting a quick demise when going on the offensive with it. Do note that hammers are incredibly narrow at range, and they don't provide a great amount of force when fighting on the ground, it has the most potential when getting some air-time.

You can try and swing sideways with the hammer before dropping on the ground to hit ground-level targets easily. Side light attacks come out short, and doesn't provide a good amount of force. The hammer has one major weakness, however: katars. This weapon are extremely hard to master, and comes at great risks when using it. However, it has the quickest attacks in the game, and has some better air power than the slow hammer, making it a good counter towards it. The bow was first introduced with Ember, and it has some extremely good range capabilities, especially when used on the ground.

It can easily zone out an opponent if you got the tools for this job. Even though it doesn't shoot straight, and it can be very wonky when you use it for the first time, you can make up some great and impressive combos with this weapon. Although it has a steep mastery pool, with every corner you pass as an opportunity to find something new. Yet, the bow is not the best weapon in the game, in fact, no weapon is the best.

The bow has no trouble fighting any character directly below them when they're in the air, but the problem lies on the slightly slower close range attacks, and when your opponent is right above you. The side light attack is, to me, pretty clumsy and slow to my opinion, so I sometimes exclude this attack from the Slight, Dlight, Nlight combo. It's also because the range is a lot more narrow than the other bow attacks, and, if you get hit, you won't be able to recover as much, because you're probably already combo'd until you're low on health.

These specify the hammer signatures for Yumiko. Take a good look, for some may seem easy, but it's hard to use. Yumiko's Nsig will cause her to flourish upwards, and, upon hitting a target, she will slam down her target with excessive force.

This signature in particular is quite useful when it comes to edge-guarding. But, remember, unlike some signatures, it only targets aerial targets. Yumiko's Ssig will cause her to dash quickly to an area in front of her, and strike anything around her. Like most dashes, she can still be targeted, and you can cancel the Ssig if you throw weapons or damage her. Do note that the "Attacking things around her" part does not stack, so getting hit twice or stunned for a second will not happen.

Yumiko's Dsig will cause her to throw three spiritual fires up in the air, which linger for a short time before disappearing. This is an incredibly strong tool when it comes to fighting aerial targets, because they have to reposition their landing. However, when Yumiko is damaged, these mines would disappear quicker than you would expect.

These are the bow signatures for Yumiko. All of these would relocate her, no matter how far or close. Try to be cautionate and spare these signatures when you have a chance, because her stun time can be rather high after activating signatures like this.

Yumiko's Nsig will cause her to transform into a projectile and move diagonally in the air, based on the direction you are facing. Remember that this is not a blink, but a dash. Although her hitbox will become smaller, she is still vulnerable to attacks, no matter how much it is. Also, you can use this to quickly dodge some attacks, or hit aerial targets that you try to predict. Yumiko's Ssig will cause her to turn into a projectile, but this time, she moves straight left or right, depending on the direction you are facing.

This can be a great zoning tool, but missing it can provide a good amount of damage TO YOU , so be very careful with this one. Like the nsig, this signature is considered to be a dash, and not a blink, so, do not believe that you are invulnerable while dashing.

Yumiko's Dsig will cause her to lay down three spiritual fires, while herself jumping slightly backwards while planting them. I personally don't find this entirely useful, because opponents can easily jump over these.

But, still, it can fill it's part as an excellent separation tool when an opponent dashes towards you. These are simple combos with the bow and hammer, starting with the bow. All damage has been calculated with equal damage. All in all, Yumiko is pretty tough to master, because of how stupidly diverse the hammer can be to someones own playstyle.

It is sometimes tough to play as a Yumiko, because you might encounter a heavy-hitter, or you might find someone who plays a legend that outranges you.

Still, Yumiko is a pretty good zoner that is pretty good at filling the defensive role. I wish you great luck on playing this character, for I surely had fun playing Yumiko, and I hope you do too. May this guide enlighten you in future ventures, for this guide is, as most of my guides are, made for beginners, looking to advance their playstyle.

Oh crap, thanks for pointing it out! Didn't realize it. MaLaRiO 8 Jul, am. Gallagin 26 Nov, pm. For Hammer Signatures you called her Dsig a Nsig, just pointing out this error "Yumiko's Nsig will cause her to throw three spiritual fires ItsN8M8 19 Jul, pm. Lemon 10 Jul, pm.

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