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We put together a primer on when and where to find great live street music, and some tips to keep this rich and colorful tradition alive. The space between the gated park and St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square has long served as a stomping ground for brass band musicians looking for opportunities to perform outside of parades and concerts. Although he passed away in , some of his former bandmates still spend time in the square, honoring the tradition of the music and sharing it with passersby. While the lineup in the square changes daily and hourly, keep an eye out for clarinetist Doreen Ketchens. Musicians, dancers, mimes, puppeteers and singers set up shop on Royal Street most days between Bienville and Orleans Streets. Look for larger jazz-based ensembles on the corner of Royal and St. Peter streets. A little further up the street towards Esplanade near Cafe Amelie is a hotspot for duo performances. Although the city normally allows performers and pedestrians to take over from 11 a.
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With a dozen world-class shows a night, the block of Frenchmen Street is the song and soul of New Orleans, a city that has lived the blues and. Uma surpresa em cada esquina!
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In this video, musicians and other buskers of Royal Street fill the French Quarter and other New Orleans neighborhoods with rhythm and melody, following a long local tradition.
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The music of New Orleans assumes various styles of music which have often borrowed from earlier traditions. New Orleans , Louisiana , is especially known for its strong association with jazz music , universally considered to be the birthplace of the genre. The earliest form was dixieland , which has sometimes been called traditional jazz , 'New Orleans', and 'New Orleans jazz'. However, the tradition of jazz in New Orleans has taken on various forms that have either branched out from original dixieland or taken entirely different paths altogether. New Orleans has also been a prominent center of funk , home to some of the earliest funk bands such as The Meters. The African influence on New Orleans music can trace its roots at least back to Congo Square in New Orleans in , when slaves would congregate there to play music and dance on Sundays. African music was played as well as local music, including that of local white composers, such as Louis Moreau Gottschalk. Along with European musical forms that were popular in the city, including the brass band traditions, the cultural mix laid the groundwork for the New Orleans musical art forms to come. By , the local paper—the daily Picayune —ran a scathing article complaining about the emergence of brass bands in the city, which it stated could be found on every corner. The term "jazz" early on often spelled "jass" did not become popular until the mid and late s, when New Orleans musicians first rose to prominence in other parts of the USA and the New Orleans style needed a new name to differentiate it from the nationally popular ragtime.
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2. Royal Street Pedestrian Mall performance space

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In this video, musicians and other buskers of Royal Street fill the French Quarter and other New Orleans neighborhoods with rhythm and melody, following a long local tradition. I caught sight of him one early afternoon as he strode along Royal Street, coffee in hand, horn wrapped around his body. As half of New Orleans can tell you, a sousaphone is a more portable tuba. He was due at a parade, but when I rushed up to talk music, he slowed down.

The ruler of that realm, Jurzak said, is Doreen Ketchens , a clarinet player who has been working the French Quarter since the s. Peter streets, Jurzak said. New Orleans reshaped my thinking. That included 13 blocks through the French Quarter and three blocks leading to Frenchmen Street, where about a dozen music clubs are concentrated. Why Royal? Several of its blocks are closed to cars from 11 a. You get all kinds, especially since YouTube has encouraged more musicians from elsewhere to try their luck here. You might see the dreamy young singer whose every song is marred by her hyperactive drummer.

The Christian puppet show with live accordion music. The bearded quartet whose careful grooming, vintage attire, Gypsy jazz repertoire and Gallic nonchalance all whispered Montmartre, But finding Ketchens was harder.

I mostly gravitated toward traditional jazz players. These musicians follow rules that are largely unwritten. After decades of skirmishing over who can do what in the street and when, the city has imposed limits on volume but requires no permits and sets few time limits. On my third day, wandering near Royal and Frenchmen, I got caught in a sonic riot called Mission Delirium — a San Francisco brass band on a working holiday in New Orleans.

Eighteen musicians playing to win. By the time I arrived, they were well into their set. Widespread dancing. One horn player was rolling around on the pavement while another crawled through shrubs. The four percussionists, as lively as Energizer Bunnies, cavorted and collided. Who knew you could play a reed instrument while doing the limbo?

Who knew a triangle player could swing? Their set would have been enough to make my day. I guessed that they were seasoned band mates, judging by how the five members traded solos and moved from tune to tune. But, no, this lineup had been assembled on the fly, and none of them was raised in Louisiana.

Aeryk Parker, the front man on vocals and sax, had been splitting time between New Orleans and Denver. Former Angeleno Smitti Supab, on stand-up bass, had been in town for six years. Lamar Anderson Clark, another former Angeleno who arrived four years ago, was playing rhythm guitar. Nathaniel Ruiz, on tenor sax, came from Illinois.

You probably know about Louis Armstrong, Beebe told a group of mostly foreign tourists, but Armstrong built on the innovations of King Oliver. And Oliver built on the innovations of Buddy Bolden. Bolden, a cornet player, pioneered improvisation while marching and playing French Quarter clubs in the first years of the 20 th century. He died penniless in an asylum and there are no known recordings of him, leaving jazz hounds to wander the neighborhood and imagine his echoes.

In recent years, Beebe said, one of the most popular acts on the street was a duo, Tanya Huang, a violinist born in Taiwan, and Dorise Blackmon, a guitarist from New Orleans. They split in , but Huang is still a regular at the corner of Royal and St. Louis streets. The name is a nod to local musician Tuba Fats, who died in But at the top of list, Beebe said, is Ketchens.

There was time for just one more walk on Royal. I edged through the knot of people so I could see a tiny, smiling African American woman seated in a lawn chair. Fur hat, box of CDs at her side. She was Doreen Ketchens, joined by her husband, Lawrence, on tuba, a trombone player, guitarist, drummer and a semicircle of six buckets, all rapidly filling with bills.

When the moment arrived, she grabbed her clarinet, furrowed her brow and leaned back and blew. At first I was surprised by how many notes Ketchens could fit into a measure — loud, clean, fleeting notes that knew exactly where they were going. But I never was a club person. I never was a night person. And then we won. About halfway through her set, Ketchens noticed a tall, slender horn player perched on his instrument case. Eliza Jane , Magazine St. International House , Camp St. Chic, modern, two blocks from the French Quarter.

Cornstalk Hotel , Royal St. More history and less luxury. Fourteen rooms in an s French Quarter house. Curio , Royal St. Marigny Brasserie , Frenchmen St. Preservation Hall , St. Peter St.

Fiver minutelong traditional jazz shows nightly between 5 p. All ages. Most tickets are general admission at the door cash only , requiring a wait of 30 minutes or more before the show. No alcohol sold inside. Spotted Cat , Frenchmen St. Jazz nightly, different acts at 2, 6 and 10 p.

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