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Danielle is notable for becoming the first female Turok in ages, as hinted by the Council of Voices. She excelled in both academic and physical pursuits, graduating from college with one of the highest GPAs that her university had ever seen. Shortly after her graduation, she would marry her long-time boyfriend, Brian , and would maintain their relationship.

She would get a job working for the Game and Parks Commission studying indigenous birds of prey. Unfortunately, Brian passed away less than two years later. This tragedy sent Danielle and Joseph, who saw Brian not only as a brother-in-law but as a surrogate father, into a time of grief, and galvanized Danielle's devotion to her younger brother.

The siblings would decide to live together in their childhood home, where they would help each other cope with their loss. Eventually, her eldest brother, Joshua, would accompany the pair to comfort them while they mourned.

Danielle is described as being protective and nurturing by heart and acts as a motherly figure towards Joseph, although her caring personality would not stop her from becoming a fierce warrior. Upon taking notice of Joshua's recent quiet behavior, Danielle approaches her brother and asks him if has been feeling alright. Danielle then explains to Joshua that she only wishes to help him, in return for helping them cope with the recent death of Brian, that she only wants to help make him feel better, too.

When Joshua finally opens up and mentions that the " child is the key," Danielle becomes confused. As Joshua continues, he explains that she must not let her guard down, and that if anything were to happen to the three of them, they are the last of the Turok bloodline. With no one to continue the lineage, the balance would falter, resulting in a disastrous event Joshua only describes as " Oblivion. Later that night, Danielle awakes upon hearing gunshots coming from the upstairs bedroom. There she witnesses Joshua demanding that she and Joseph leave immediately, before he gets shot down by an Oblivion Spawn.

Joshua tells them to leave while they still have a chance. The siblings say their goodbyes, and Danielle speeds away from the house with Joseph.

They only get so far from the house before their truck is toppled by a Mummite. The pair seem to be defenseless, but the beast is stopped by a mysterious extraterrestrial woman. She tells the siblings to come with her. The woman later introduces herself as Adon , a name that Danielle immediately recognizes, stating that Joshua spoke of her often.

Adon transports the siblings to the Chamber of Voices, saying that the Council has summoned them. The Council arrives and begins to debate on the next course of action.

They express worry that Danielle and Joseph are not eligible to become the new Turok. If Danielle were to become Turok, the Light Burden may corrupt her, just as it had the previous female Turok.

Further, the Council worry that Joseph's life is too young to risk. Eventually, they conclude that the death of Joshua leaves them no choice: one of the siblings must become Turok. When Danielle the player decides to assume the role, the Council grant her the Light Burden and warn her that the burden itself is heavy. They further explain that when a woman tried to take up the mantle, the burden had overwhelmed and consumed her. While only one of the siblings becomes Turok, they decide to journey together.

Danielle and Joseph journey through parts of their Oblivion-infected city, the Lost Land , and even the Hub Ruins that Tal'Set had previously ventured through. Eventually, the duo find a portal within the Lost Land that leads into Oblivion's Headquarters. They infiltrate the HQ and find a large chamber with the alleged Child inside. Danielle approaches the Child to comfort him but is stopped by Adon, who warns her not to step towards the Child.

Danielle is confused, and Joseph arrives on the scene telling her the same thing. Adon frantically explains that the Council of Voices, as well as Joshua, had been given false visions of a child savior, that the entire prophecy was a miscalculation. As Danielle turns back to the child it begins speaking to her in Oblivion's voice, revealing that the Child was, in fact, a trap. Adon and Joseph struggle to get a good shot on the Child, but Danielle is able to shake off the Child and Joseph opens fire.

The Child, only suffering minor wounds, cries out "It's too late" and begins to transform into Oblivion itself. Danielle and Joseph then initiate battle with the colossal beast. Soon after, Oblivion's body is shattered, presumably dead. The group notices a piece of Oblivion escape the room and begin to crawl away quickly. The siblings chase the fragment throughout the HQ and find it making its way into an empty room. Inside they find Joshua, and Danielle is about to approach him but is quickly stopped once more by Joseph.

Joshua begins to taunt the siblings in Oblivion's voice, and the Fireseed siblings engage in battle with the Joshua doppelganger. Danielle and Joseph are able to defeat the clone, and Joshua coughs up the essence of Oblivion. This reveals that Joshua was in fact alive, and Oblivion was only using his body as a host. Joshua begins to say his last few words to his younger brother and sister, revealing to Danielle that he knew about her and Brian, stating that there still is another "child": her child.

Danielle became pregnant with Brian's baby sometime before his death and never got the chance to tell him. Afterwards, Joshua tells Danielle to protect the baby and that the lineage will continue, as long as it remains safe.

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