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Polynesians had been living on these tiny outposts for hundreds of years before Europeans had the foggiest notion that the Pacific Ocean existed. The early European explorers were astounded to find the far-flung South Pacific islands inhabited by peoples who shared similar physical characteristics, languages, and cultures. How had these people -- who lived a late-Stone Age existence and had no written languages -- crossed the vast Pacific to these remote islands long before Christopher Columbus had the courage to sail out of sight of land? Where had they come from? Those questions baffled the early European explorers, and they continue to intrigue scientists and scholars today. Bolstered by recent DNA studies linking the Polynesians to Taiwan, however, experts now believe that the Pacific Islanders have their roots in eastern Asia. The generally accepted view is that during the Ice Age, a race of early humans known as Australoids migrated from Southeast Asia to Papua New Guinea and Australia, when those two countries were joined as one landmass. Another group, the Papuans, arrived from Southeast Asia between 5, and 10, years ago. Several thousands of years later, a lighter-skinned race known as Austronesians pushed the Papuans inland and out into the more eastern South Pacific islands. The most tangible remains of the early Austronesians are remnants of pottery, the first shards of which were found during the s in Lapita, a village in New Caledonia.
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The Europeans saw these rites as an act of exposure, as a display of nudity and as an open invitation for sex. Whether they responded with disapproval or delight, the European visitors were astounded. Was the girl really stark naked? Would she not have kept on the waistband of tapa , her maro? He provides an eyewitness account of the festival staged before the chiefs prior to a battle against another district:. Some women decked in quantities of native cloth presented themselves before the Chiefs in order to strip themselves and make an offering of the cloth to the said Chiefs, being left with only a maro on to cover their nakedness. They call this festival a taurua , and after it they prepare for a paraparau , which is like a tertulia or well ordered conversazione of which the main topic is the wars these natives engage in against those of Morea cited in Oliver , III: The inhabitants of Tahiti are often seen quite naked, having no other clothes than a sash, which covers their natural parts. However, the chief people among them generally wrap themselves in a great piece of cloth, which hangs down to their knees. This is likewise the only dress of the women; and they know how to place it so artfully, as to make this simple dress susceptible of coquetry.
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Traveller Newsletter

It was on his 43rd birthday, 7 June , that Paul Gauguin first glimpsed Tahiti. It must have been a wonderful sight: the extinct volcano, Mount Orohena, which dominates the upper island, the coral reef that enclosed a sparkling lagoon, scarlet flame trees on the hillside, a dream of palm trees and hibiscus flowers on the semi-circular beach, a few bamboo huts, fishermen in canoes, women by the water's edge dressed in shapeless flowery dresses. As he was rowed ashore from the good ship Vire, it must have seemed like Paradise. Only one thing spoiled the atmosphere as he walked up the beach: the islanders were laughing at him. Convinced that he must be a debased French version of the androgynous mahu that is semi-sacred in Polynesian society, the islanders called him taata-vahine, or "man-woman". Oblivious to the fact that one of the greatest painters in history had just stepped ashore, they jeered at him as a big girl's blouse. The first Western visitors to Tahiti had walked up the same beach barely a century earlier — and the wonders they encountered became the stuff of myth. He later reported how native boats surrounded his ship; some canoes carried women "who played a great many droll tricks". The following spring, L'Etoile and La Boudeuse, two ships under the captaincy of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, made landfall and stayed for nine days. Bougainville painted a vivid picture of the sex-crazed island "goddesses", saying the Tahitians "pressed us to choose a woman and come on shore with her; and their gestures, which were not ambiguous, denoted in what manner we should form an acquaintance with her.
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For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Despite the sexy, debaucherous locals, Nicky Park fails to have a holiday fling in the South Pacific's islands of love. From the moment I spotted the shirtless Polynesian man in the hotel lobby I knew I was going to like it here.

The humidity made his pecs all glossy. His white teeth looked even more perfect against his olive complexion. Even better, Tahiti appeared an untapped pool of sexy Polynesian goodness, with most Tahiti and Bora Bora holidaymakers being hooked up in their honeymoon "sweets". As the winter took hold in my adopted homeland, New Zealand, my Aussie girlfriend and I were keen to catch up and get a hit of sunshine and sea water.

By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media's terms and conditions and privacy policy. We headed straight out on the town to the colourful establishment, Piano Bar, a well known transvestite haunt. Apparently Thursday night is big in Papeete, but on the Friday evening we were there, it was far from dull.

Boys sat on booths sipping the local Tahitian brew and one "woman" walked right up to us, admired her reflection in the mirror behind our heads, pulled down her dress to expose her breasts and performed a sexy dance. Di and I are open minded, but being from out of town, we were somewhat astonished at the debaucherous behaviour.

The locals we were with didn't bat an eyelid. There was no sign of sexy shirtless Polynesian men like I'd spotted earlier that day so we headed home to kill the jetlag and prepare for a day of chilling pool side. Greased up in sunblock we lay by the pool at Hotel Tahiti Nui for hours, gasbagging and cooling off by dipping in the water. I'd been before and caught glimpses of bare bums as loved up couples skinnydipped beneath the bungalows at moonlight. My travel companion Di had left her hubby at home and I was flying solo, but we weren't going to be kept from the azure waters and white sand by the affectionate couples.

We sipped bubbly on the deck of our over-water bungalow at Le Meridien Tahiti, indulged in back massages, sat on the shore of the stunning waters and feasted on local seafood. Despite my first impression of the islands, I didn't spot any other eye candy on our trip - maybe it's too tempting to keep sexy staff around the newlyweds. But my lack of holiday fling was a good thing - I don't think there would have been room in the four-poster bed for all of us.

Nicky had been given a bottle at Auckland Airport when she bought herself an underwater camera a very good thing to have in Bora Bora especially when planning to swim with turtles. I also thought the bottle was a good buy, having heard about the high prices in Tahiti and French Polynesia generally tales of honeymooners searching through local supermarkets for baguettes and cheese to stop them from starving.

We'd dragged it though Papeete where we stayed the first night, left it in the hotel room as we swam and lay by the pool, and then heaved it onto a small plane as hand luggage that took us to Bora Bora and then in a boat to our resort. But when we checked in, our kind hosts suggested they put it in the fridge for us and we could call them when we wanted it - all chilled and ready for our sunset cocktail on the balcony of our over-water bungalow.

Well cocktail hour approached and we called Housekeeping asking them to deliver the very tempting bubbly. And we waited and we waited. But nothing came. Finally with no champers in sight, we decided to go for dinner where we'd drink it at the table instead.

We told the restaurant staff and they said the bottle was en route to our bungalow but they would call Housekeeping and ask them to turn around and bring it to our table, instead. Funny we never passed anybody from Housekeeping as we'd headed along the boardwalk to the restaurant. And then we waited and waited again. I couldn't bear the wait any longer. After all we were in romantic Bora Bora - without my husband - so I needed a drink. And then the waiter turned up with a bottle of champagne. But not the one Nicky was given at the airport.

It must have looked rather unusual anyway, to have two girls an older one and a younger one staying in habitation normally reserved for honeymooning couples. When earlier the bellboy pointed to the double bed, and then clarified after seeing my horrified face that it could be made into single beds, he must have been thinking, "So not a honeymooning couple after all? But whatever the bed situation it really didn't matter. Bora Bora still is a beautiful place for a holiday whether you're a couple, single or whatever sexual persuasion, ladyboy etc etc.

Swim with turtles, go kayaking, take a boat ride, lie on the beach and sunbake, have a massage, watch the sunset - every activity is made for total relaxation. I think I actually managed to read three chapters of my book one afternoon, lying on the beach as Nicky languidly kayaked around the bay.

The food was good too, with beautiful buffet breakfasts and choice of buffet or a la carte meals at night. There's a tapa-style restaurant as well. The second evening as the boat sped towards our dining spot, when we chatted with a couple of lovely New York honeymooners, I was kind of relieved I wasn't there with partner, having just married. The groom complained non stop about getting coral in his foot in a way which reminded me of George in Seinfeld while his new wife rolled her eyes. Instead at night Nicky and I chatted in bed like schoolgirls, before she donned her eyepatch and earplugs to stop the sounds of my snoring.

I just took a sleeping pill. The last evening we finally got to drink the camera-store champagne, yes as the sun set and total darkness fell over the resort. We chinked our glasses together in a toast - here's to a beautiful girls' escape to French Polynesia. For more information on Tahiti and its islands visit www. Includes return international flights with Air Tahiti Nui including taxes , two nights accommodation at the Le Meridien Tahiti in a garden view room including breakfast, five nights accommodation at Le Meridien Bora Bora in an overwater bungalow including breakfast and dinner daily, return domestic flights and all land transfers.

The offer includes accommodation in a standard room, return economy airfares with Air Tahiti Nui ex Sydney or Melbourne , all taxes and land transfers. Package is available for travel from July 15 - December 21, For more information on conditions and how to book, contact Tahiti Travel Connection toll-free on or www. Air Tahiti Nui offers three weekly one stop flights from Australia to Papeete. Visit www.

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